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Business Insurance


What is Business Insurance?


Most people take out insurance for personal, home and cars because they realize that they would be unable to replace their home or car if there was a fire or accident.

The same principle of risk applies to business insurance. There are risks that, while they may never occur, are so destructive that it makes sense to plan ahead and manage the risk.


For our businesses, however, we often do not consider risk or believe that the risks cannot be managed and so we turn a blind eye hoping that nothing “bad” happens. Some business owners believe that since their business is profitable with a positive cash flow they can take care of the disaster when it happens. They forget that if the business is not operating – there is no cash flow.

Business insurance, at the very basic level, the concept is the same – the management of risk.


Preparing to Purchase Insurance

Managing the risk your company faces is a constant effort. But, the first step is preparing to purchase insurance. The following is an outline of that process that will prove helpful.

1.  Learn About Different Types of Coverage


2.  Analyse Your Business

Prepare a description of your business that you have written out so you can quickly interview different insurance professionals in seeking quotes for coverage.


3.  Choose an Insurance Professional

Your insurance professional should be someone with whom you plan to develop an on-going relationship.


4.  Review Your Initial Business Insurance Plan Regularly

Things change in business. Commit yourself to monitor that change and review the need for more or less coverage on a regular and continuing basis.

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