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FAQs for GOT iiT App and

‚ÄčA.  GOT iit

  • What is GOT iit?

    A mobile Application that will offer small businesses especially Sole Traders, Home-based businesses, Start-ups, Mobile Businesses, Franchises and one man/woman businesses a low cost effective platform to generate sales from Consumers coming into the locality but more significantly also benefit effectively from support of their Contacts by generating sales from the location of their Contacts.
  • Can High Street businesses also benefit from GOT iiT?  

    Yes - any business that would like to reach a wider audience on a low cost truly level playing field platform are welcome on GOT iiT.
  • Why do I have to import my Contacts?

    So you can have access to them from any compatible mobile appliance any time you want to and if you want to support someone you know starting a small business or promote your own business, importing your Contacts will offer you the best option to get the most effective support.
  • Why do I have to share my location?

    You do not HAVE to but if you want to benefit most from the benefits of GOT iit, it is recommended you do so.  All data is collected and manged according to the Data Protection Act of which Kall Me Back Limited is registered.
  • How do I redeem my GOT iiT Points?

    You will get a notification saying you have now accumulated sufficient points and what you can redeem the points for - you will not be disappointed. 

  • Why is GOT iit for use in the UK only?

    For now - GOT iiT will be made available worldwide so users may benefit from the great features where ever they are in the world.

  • Are SMS and 'kmb' really FREE?  


    For all other enquiries contact -

B.  Kall Me Back

  • Why subscribe to Kall Me Back?

    Increase sales enquiries, Reach a wider audience, Reach a different audience, Increase awareness of your business and  benefit from ffers from strategic partnerships Kall Me Back will enter into


  • What is Kall Me Back?

    A unique online UK Business Directory (businesses mainly owned by women) with many added benefits.


  • Why no telephone numbers?

    The Kall Me Back business directory markets the great concept of being invited to trade - generating sales enquiries and business enquiries for listed businesses.



  • How much does it cost to get listed on the Kall Me Back Business Directory?

    Please see Subscription Costs



  • Who can subscribe to the Kall Me Back business directory?

    Any UK business that believes the service Kall Me Back offers will generate their business sales leads and sales enquiries.



  • Can I leave out my address details on my listing?

    Yes, just indicate which areas your business covers.



  • What do I need to subscribe to Kall Me Back?

    Just an email address and/ or a mobile telephone!



  • How will standard of businesses listings be upheld?

    All listings are put through the Kall Me Back Listing Criteria which ensures listing content offers the best possible opportunity to generate a sales lead once viewed before being activated!

    Emphasis being placed on the benefits of the product or service offered



  • How does the Kall Me Back business directory limit competition from businesses and or individuals offering the same products or service?

    Kall Me Back policy on competition is that 'Competition is healthy for business and most importantly benefits the consumers'.



  • What do you get when you sign up?

    Please see Membership Benefits.



  • What is Kall Me Back’s ethos?

    Kall Me Back’s ethos is to encourage business entrepreneurs, especially SME's, to generate more business using more innovative marketing methods to grow their businesses and try to work with other small SME’s to achieve success


    All enquiries to