UK businesses offering more

than their products and services,

they offer to Kall you back!


Which UK business do you want to Kall you back ?


How to use Business Network Club


1.  You will be asked to enter your login details.

2.  Once you login click the ‘Business Network Club’ option.

3.  You will be presented with the following  question ‘What would you like to do?’
4.  You have 4 options in the drop down menu:
  • Invite for a 1-2-1
  • Invite to event or function
  • Advise promotion on service or product offered
  • Pass on referral
5.  Select one option and click ‘Network’
6.  You will be asked to select recipients – you can select up to 5 recipients – simply click on the drop
      down in each field and select whom  you wish to send a network request to. 
7.  All Directory subscribers are available to network with and are listed in alphabetical order.  
     Once you have selected your recipients click ‘Network’
8.  You will be asked to write your message

     Remember - Keep your message short and to the point please. No spam or mailings.  

     Report any inappropriate Network requests to
9.  Once you have written your message click ‘send’
10. You will taken back to the ‘Home Page’ with a message flashing across the top saying ‘Thank you.
       Your Network request has been successfully sent’
If you have any queries please contact