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are getting harder to come by.  You can improve IMPROVE your chances of securing a job by:

1.  Improving your CV and interview skills  
     To find out more about help with WRITING  CV’s and improving your INTERVIEW SKILLS
     in your area click here or email your name, age, contact telephone number and address to and you will be contacted by the relevant business.


2.  Signing up for Apprenticeships
To  find out more about APPRENTICESHIPS in your area click here or email your name,
   age, contact number and address to and you will be contacted by the
   relevant business.


3.  Improving your Skills (skills training)
    To find out more about SKILLS TRAINING in your area click here or email your name, age,
    contact telephone number and address to and you will be contacted by the
    relevant business.

4.  Improving your academic qualifications

     To find out more about improving your ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS in your area click
     here or email your name, age, contact number and address to  and you
    will be contacted by the relevant business or organisation.


5.  Volunteering your time
in businesses and organisations that will keep your details for when a vacancy comes up)
    To find out more about VOLUNTEERING your time in your area click here or email your name,
    age, contact telephone number and address to  and you will be contacted by
     the relevant business.



 1.   Being Self-Employed is another option to earn an income whilst waiting for that ideal JOB
       and can be a m
ore rewarding income earning solution.  More and more individuals, especially
       women, are becoming 
self-employed as they find it is an income earning option that most fits
       their lifestyle and has the potential to yield unlimited incomes.

       So if you are you interested in finding out more about being Self-Employed, or Thinking of
       Starting Your Own Business
and want to find out what is involved please click here or send
       your contact details to and you will be contacted to discuss your


  2.  Home Based Business Opportunities

If you have already decided you want to try your hand at being Self-Employed and

are interested in signing up to a home-based Self Employed Business Opportunity
please click here or email your contact details to indicating which
type of home-based business opportunity you are interested in trying (for example Health
and Beauty, childcare or just say any) and you will be contacted by the relevant business to
find out if it is suitable for what you are looking for.